Nature Guide Intermediate

NQF2 Nature Site course

The Nature College offers the Intermediate Nature Guiding course for nature lovers and the aspirant guide wishing to improve their field and guiding skills.

The Nature Guide Intermediate course consists of 3 modules.

Module 1 consists of self-study, completing preparatory assignments to be handed in. The second module is the 14 days lecturing module. During Module 3 the learner self-studies using our workbook, and completes the written exam. The course and sillabus is based on our publications in South Africa ‘Introduction to Nature Guiding’ and ‘The Nature Guide’ and newly updated The Nature Guide NAMIBIA’.

Our courses does not include any first aid training.

Courses will be scheduled on demand in specific areas. A minimum attendance of 8 learners is required.

We also run tailor-made short Guide Courses for Corporate Clients (e.g. Game Lodges and Tour Operators). Such courses can also be run in situ, on request of a corporate client. In such cases the course content and presentation can be adapted to suit the client. Please contact us for more information.

(This course will also give you a SAQA (CATHSSETA – SOUTH AFRICA NQF 2 Qualification.)