Ecology Field Excursions

We have developed considerable expertise in a scientific experience for groups of scholars to different destinations of Southern Africa.


  • Product design
  • Destination and route planning
  • Booking service
  • Professional guides
  • Transport arrangements
  • Other logistics, e.g. study materials etc.


Our guides are scientifically trained and provide facilitation on topics such as:

  • Plant surveys
  • Design of research projects
  • Mammal surveys
  • Bird surveys
  • Animals Tracking
  • Shooting skills

The University of Glamorgan (Wales) is an important client , using our services to conduct annual study tours with students doing the BSc [Hons] International Wildlife Biology.


The Nature College specialises in natural history and cultural ecology based experiences in the fascinating western sub-region of southern Africa. We have selected this region for our scientific nature tours primarily for the following reasons:

  • It is a safe destination – free of diseases such as malaria, and the area has a very low crime rate.
  • It is a region consisting of fascinating diverse ecosystems, ranging from the fynbos of the Cape, to the desert of the Namib.
  • It is rich in cultural history of the Bushman, Nama and pioneer Afrikaner communities.

We combine this focus with our skills in the grassveld and savanna regions to produce fascinatingly diverse study experiences.