Introductory Tracking Course

Tracking Course

Our Introductory Tracking Course and Tracker Programme is aimed at the nature lover wanting to develop his / her field skills.

The instructors are Johan Fourie (FGASA & CyberTracker Track and Sign Specialist & Evaluator), JJ Minye (Master Tracker & Tracking Assessor), Danie Lourens (Tracker Level 3 and assistant evaluator) & Jana Malherbe (Level 3 Tracker).

The course duration is 7 days and can be presented at various locations. A minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 students can be accommodated on this course.

Candidates are exposed to the following training:

  • Principles of tracking
  • Observing signs in nature
  • Identifying signs in the veld
  • Interpreting signs
  • Systematic tracking (following a spoor)
  • Formal assessment for CATHSSETA and CyberTracker

Contact us for course fees and dates.