NQF 4 Nature Site Guide Course

NQF4 Nature Site course

Our NQF Level 4 Nature Site Guide Course is aimed at guides wanting to graduate to the higher levels of guiding, and students will be assessed for the CATHSSETA Skills Programme Nature Site Guide Level 4. The course content is based on our latest publication The Nature Guide, plus the publication The vegetation of SA.

Moving to new horizons, The Nature College has partnered with Bhejane Nature Training to bring the CATHSSETA NQF 4 Nature Site Guide course. Bhejane Nature Training offers a unique area and venue for this course.

The Biome Guide Course (FGASA Level 2 equivalent) consists of four phases:

  1. preparatory phase  (approximately two weeks) during which candidates are given assignments on various topics to prepare them for the course;
  2. an attendance phase of 12 days;
  3. a compulsory revision phase of 14 days (at home), with workbook preparation for the written exam.
  4. and an assignment & exam phase for the biome qualifications

The course meets the requirements of the Skills Programme Nature Site Guide: Level 4, consisting of the following SAQA Unit Standards:

  1. Conduct a guided nature experience (335799);
  2. Care for customers (246740);
  3. Conduct a tourist guiding activity (335801);
  4. Minimise and manage safety and emergency incidents (255914);
  5. Conduct a guided biome experience (335815).

Course Cost 2019: R 21 000, for more information follow the Enroll Here