Field Ranger General Assistant

Field Ranger General Assistant​ course

The Skills Programme Field Rangers General Assistant is aimed at providing candidates with an opportunity to qualify themselves as Field Rangers, while gaining 1 month of practical experience. This places the learner in a favourable position to ply his skill after a short period of time.

Training is done on the premises of the client for a period of ten days, after which they complete 1 month of further practical experience in the workplace, before the final assessment.


(SAQA – CATHSSETA – South Africa)

252453 Combat Problem Plants

252457 Combat Soil Erosion

244605 Demonstrate ability to participate effectively in a team or group

8336 Demonstrate knowledge of conservation ethics

252454 Erect, Monitor and maintain wildlife fences

252461 Ignite, control and extinguish fires in a conservation area unit

14659 Demonstrate an understanding of factors that contribute towards healthy living

15092 Plan and manage personal finances

252450 Perform field infrastructural maintenance in a conservation area

252465 Perform a domestic infrastructural maintenance in a conservation area


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Minimum age of 18 years and good health

Grade 12 or Equivalent Qualification with valid Driver’s License (or to be obtained)

Candidates need to be employed by an employer who can provide appropriate practical experience under the supervision of workplace mentor / facilitator.


The course planning includes a large component of practical field exercises, where the theoretical and practical knowledge obtained during the various lectures is applied in simulated operational conditions.

A maximum group size of 20 learners can be accommodated. We ensure that every learner gets personal attention. We pride ourselves in our attention to detail, something that is not always possible where large groups are concerned.