Nature Site Guide NQF2

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The course and it’s learning aids cover all the theory relating to the prescribed syllabus, ranging from guiding principles to ecology, geology, animals, plants, weather, climate, astronomy and more.

The video classes, summaries, additional resource videos, workbook assignments and study guide covers all the theory that the learner needs to master as set out by learning objectives.

You will have the following learning aids available to you:

  • The workbook assignments and study guide you should have received via courier/post. Please follow the steps in the workbook for completion and submission. This is a prerequisite for exam and assessment entry.
  • Online Classes, summaries and relevant quiz per lesson. The quizzes are a revision tool and there to assist you in the learning process.
  • Mentors are available to assist with your studies. They are available on WhatsApp for easy communication. Please contact the administration office for details.
  • The administration office is available on WhatsApp for easy communication.

Learners will be assessed on the CATHSSETA Unit Standards 8440 (Conduct a Limited Guided Nature Experience) and 8478 (Create a Guided Experience for Customers) for CATHSSETA Skills program NQF 2 Nature Site Guide (TG/NATSITEGD/2/0040).