Trails Guide qualification

The Nature College Trails Guide theory and practical selection training (1 month), is designed to produce a skilled Trails Guide. One who would be prepared for the demands of specialised trails operations conducted in Dangerous Game Areas.

Phase 1 consists of theory training cycle. Firearms and Weapon handling (PFTC proficiency grading unit standards) and Advanced Rifle Handling, and Dangerous Game Theory (Animal behaviour). Dealing with dangerous game and dangerous game anatomy. Simulated charges with immediate action drills are also covered in this phase.

Phase 2 takes the potential guide through a practical training cycle. Live approaches (where learners can log hours and encounters), weapons handling and safety training, basic orientation in nature, bush craft, tracking and survival, minor tactics and communication are covered in this phase.

Phase 3 enables the potential trails guide to work through an assessment cycle to complete their training.

Credit: Shaun Lotter