Thank you…

Kobus, Are you still training at The Nature College? I sincerely hope so, because if you can touch and mould young lives as you did mine, society is growing greater. I just want to take a moment out of my day to say thank you so much. I was quite a quiet and timid student, always pushing myself down and underestimating my abilities. I remember one day, we were doing the tyre changing assessment and you told me, that I need to believe in myself and my potential, because that’s the only way I’m going to achieve what I want in life. That really hit home, and I started to make a conscious effort to believe in me. So I thought the least I could give you is a thank you.

And just for a general update, Peta and I had a fantastic 6 months in Namibia, it was really such a great experience! After that I went to work as a guide doing horseback safari’s at Rain Farm Game and Lodge in KZN. Guiding gave me lots of experiences and I enjoyed it, but I felt frustrated a lot of the time because I felt like I wasn’t really making much of difference in the bigger picture of things. Currently I am my final year of studying Environmental Management through UNISA.
I may not be a guide anymore but I definitely use what I learnt at The Nature College daily, especially the tracking,which was always my favorite.
Once again thank you 🙂

Ruth Mclennan