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For attention: the Principal and Directors of The Nature College

Field Guide Course

This letter of appreciation is dedicated to one of your employees, lecturer and team leader Riaan Jacobs. The feedback that I received from Donovan Prince, Ashley Becker and others about Riaan’s unselfish care, passion with the students as educator, passion toward his work and ambassador for The Nature College has been overwhelming. What makes it more special is the feedback that I received from Donovan’s grandfather on the 31st of March 2015 following an incident involving Ashley Becker when Riaan had to arrange for Ashley to be rushed to Bloemfontein to receive medical care. Donovan’s grandfather met up with them at the medical center.  What strikes me and made me write this letter was the passion with which the students talk about Riaan and the difference he is making to their lives while forming their careers.

I had the privilege of meeting Riaan in person on the 8th of January 2015 at The Nature College. As a master’s student supervisor and external moderator at one of Cape Town Universities I experienced Riaan as knowledgeable, competent and a person who has the characteristics of a good mentor and teacher.

I want to use this opportunity the congratulate The Nature College and Riaan Jacobs.

Keep up the good work in shaping the leaders of tomorrow.