Juig / Joy magazine

The Nature College proudly features in the Juig Magazine’s Gap Year issue!

Porcupine Capture & Release

Porcupines are the largest rodents in Southern Africa. Porcupines measure 63 to 81 centimetres long from the head to the base of the tail, with the tail adding a further 11–20 centimetres.  They are heavily built animals, with stocky bodies, short limbs, and an inconspicuous tail. The body is covered in long spines up to 5 […]

Trail Camera Photos 2016

We are privileged to be able to host International Wildlife Biology students from the University of South Wales on a annual basis for some practical field work. It is with great excitement that we are able to set up and use their trail cameras, for a stunning view of  the creatures found on Aardvark Nature […]

Eclipse of the Sun – 1 Sept 2016

A solar eclipse is a rare opportunity to see the solar system in action. For a short time, the Moon passed between us and the Sun, and instead of seeing the Sun as a round disc, it had a “bite” out of it. This “bite” is the Moon, and the size of the “bite” changes […]

Bushpig in the Little Karoo

Bushpig in the Little Karoo and Aardvark Nature Reserve – February 2016 We were all quite sad when one of the Plains Zebras that was introduced on Aardvark Nature Reserve died in February 2016. It was however a good opportunity to set a trails camera to see who comes to visit the carcass. When we […]

More happy parents

For attention: the Principal and Directors of The Nature College Field Guide Course This letter of appreciation is dedicated to one of your employees, lecturer and team leader Riaan Jacobs. The feedback that I received from Donovan Prince, Ashley Becker and others about Riaan’s unselfish care, passion with the students as educator, passion toward his […]

Happy Parents

Hallo Jane en personeel van The Nature College – Field Guide Course Ek wil net vir julle baie dankie sê vir die toer wat julle in die kursus insluit. Annick het dit baie geniet en geniet dit nog steeds. Riaan is voorwaar ‘n voorbeeld vir hulle. Sy passie en ondervinding het die kinders aangegryp soos hy […]

The Nature College – The Future

Johan Fourie, founder of The Nature College, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in April 2012. How does this affect The Nature College? Symptoms of the disease were already evident in 2009, which led to adaptations to ensure that all the skills were in place for the future. Programmes were streamlined, accreditations were put in place […]

A Satisfied Father

A Satisfied Father Stanley Robertson was a student at your training facility from the 13th to 27th July to attend the Field Guide course. From the outset we were very impressed with the high level of professionalism and ethical conduct of all whom we have interacted with. Furthermore, the feedback from Stanley was that students […]

A happy Grandfather

Beste Johan, Ek was op sy beste redelik skepties toe ek hoor my kleinseun, Johan Swart, kom vanjaar na julle toe. Of dit die regte ding sou wees vir Johan, of die kursus op standaard sou wees, of julle ‘n klomp jongmense so afgesonderd besig genoeg sou kon hou en ander vrae het vinnig by my […]